About SharperBike, LLC

SharperBike, LLC, is a bicycle accessories company formed in Silicon Valley. SharperBike introduced the VeloMini to fill a niche for small, lightweight, and durable folding electric bicycles in 2010 that was not being addressed by any other company. SharperBike is continuing to develop small folding electric bicycles with plans on introducing a new line of folding electric bicycles in late 2015.

SharperBike is also expanding its line of high quality bicycle accessories. In addition to the Urban T1 trailer we have been selling since 2010, we have recently introduced the Cross country T2 trailer, designed for full-sized electric bicycles which do not have rear hub motors, and for standard pedal bikes. SharperBike will continue to add innovative bicycle accessories to our line as we source them from around the world.

About VeloMini

The VeloMini electric bike is the most compact, lightweight, and convenient form of personal transportation. It weighs a mere 33 pounds, takes only 30 seconds to fold and unfold, and you can pack it up and carry it with you anywhere in the free traveling case. A full charge (two hours and under 4 cents), will allow the bike to travel for up to 12 miles at 12 MPH, without pedaling.

Perfect for the trunk of a car, or any form of public transportation, the VeloMini electric bike is the ideal solution for the first and last leg of one’s commute. The VeloMini electric bike can also provide ease for travelers, allowing convenient storage inside a private plane, boat, or RV. The VeloMini is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery hidden in the anodized aluminum frame. Delivery is free anywhere in the Continental United States.

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