If you have an established business where the VeloMini will appeal to your customer base, send an email to and a sales manager will contact you. Please include information about your company, your address and a link to your web site. The VeloMini may be added to your company web site but can not be sold on the internet alone. If you have been thinking about adding electric bikes to your store, the VeloMini is the perfect place to start. If you already carry electric bikes, the VeloMini is possibly the best folding electric as well as non electric bike on the market.

VeloMinis can improve employee efficiency and save time when used for; getting around warehouses and docks, patrolling inside airports and convention centers, traveling between buildings, running errands, or for getting to emergency situations quickly when a car or truck won’t do. With our aggressive fleet pricing, online parts ordering, service and user training, and low maintenance requirements, the VeloMini is the perfect electric bike to add to your fleet. For More information email with your company and contact information and a fleet manager will contact you.

Employee Purchase Program
The VeloMini is perfectly suited for corporate and college campuses. They can be used to get to work or school from mass transit, travel between buildings, and errands. They are good for the enviroment, will reduce parking and traffic congestion, and can reduce or eliminate the need for shuttle vans. With our employee purchase program it is more cost-effective to have each employee purchase and take care of their own bike than to offer bike rental or sharing programs which require the company to pay for and maintain the bikes. For more information email