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Introducing the VeloMini Plus Subcompact Folding Electric Bicycle

2017 Velemiini+ Folded

2017 Velemiini+ Folded

Las Vegas, NV,September 21, 2016 This week at Interbike in Las Vegas, companies are introducing their new models of full size and folding electric bicycles for 2017. Folding electric bikes are supposed to be easy to carry and fold. Not so with most of the folding electric bikes on the market today. Weighing over 45lbs and folding in the middle, once these bikes are folded they are difficult to pick up much less carry.

This is why electric scooters have become so popular with commuters looking for a first-mile, last-mile solution. Electric scooters are compact and some are light-weight, but the ride quality and stability suffers due to the small wheels.

The new 2017 VeloMini Plus offers the best of both worlds for commuters, RV, boat and private plane owners. Read more about VeloMini+

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VeloMini® Folding Electric Bicycle: Multi-mode Personal Transportation

VeloMini represents the latest technology in light-weight folding electric bicycles. The powerful 180 watt brushless hub motor will transport a person 7 to 12 miles at speeds up to12 mph. It folds to 18 inches tall and fits into its own carrying case.

VeloMini is the perfect multi-mode transportation vehicle. VeloMini can be used in conjunction with a bus, train, subway, boat, plane or RV, or ride it just for fun.

VeloMini is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery incorporated in the durable anodized aluminum frame. VeloMini offers three choices of motion; pedal like a bike, use the throttle like a moped, or turn in on and the pedal assist mode will make pedaling easy.

Combine the VeloMini with the new T-1 luggage/bike trailer and you are ready to travel the world. The T-1 converts in seconds from a bike trailer to luggage with wheels. Like the VeloMini, the T-1 bike trailer comes with a carrying case to protect the wheels and handle in transit. VeloMini and T-1 are small, light weight, stylish, versatile, convenient, and durable. VeloMini and T-1 fold so small you can take them practically everywhere.

VeloMini with trailer which converts to luggage T-1 Trailer converted to luggage
VeloMini with trailer which converts to luggage T-1 Trailer converted to luggage

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For Immediate Release: Santa’s Helpers Go Green this Christmas

Are you Dreaming of a Green Christmas?
Santa Clara, CA – When selecting the perfect Christmas present chances are you are looking for something that is unique, stylish, fun and environmentally friendly. One present that meets all of these requirements and more is an electric bicycle.

“Electric bicycles are to pedal bicycles what the iPad is to the portable computer; you don’t realize how life changing it can be and how much you need one until you actually use it,” stated Douglas Schwartz, founder of ELV Motors, Inc. in Silicon Valley. “Electric bicycles are one of the few gifts that appeal to both sexes, from 16 to 86 years old.”

Here is a selection of some of the most unique and stylish electric bicycles on the market today. All of these bicycles are fun, practical, “green” transportation available for delivery by Christmas.

The first and most affordable is the recently introduced VeloMini folding electric bicycle introduced this summer. The VeloMini is lightweight, folds down to 18 inches tall, and it will travel at speeds up to 12 miles an hour without pedaling.

VeloMini is the perfect multi-mode transportation vehicle. VeloMini can be used in conjunction with a bus, train, subway, boat, plane or RV, or ride it just for fun.

This stylish folding electric bike sells for $1095 including case.

Tommy Bahama®, known as the upscale lifestyle brand, captures the essence of Luxury Island living with this recently introduced Tommy Bahama® Electric Bicycle. This bike will move you along at speeds up to 20 mph for up to 30 miles. The Classic frame or Step-thru cruiser electric bicycle is available for $2575.

If you are looking for both style and panache, the TidalForce™ M-750 is the bike for you. The folding Montague Paratrooper™ frame is so rugged it is approved for use by US Special Forces. This is a limited edition of just 240 units each numbered and engraved with the owner’s name. You can own your own Tidal Force for $4495.00

If you like fast Italian designed bikes consider the Ferrari® E+ 1000 watt electric bike. Now you too can own a new form of performance on two wheels. Prices range from $4,129-$6,909.

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Examiner review of the VeloMini

Does your commute involve taking a train or bus? Do you want to avoid driving your car to the station and instead ride a bicycle? But maybe taking a normal bicycle adds hassle that then has you abandon the whole idea. That is one of several scenarios the VeloMini bicycle performs very well. The VeloMini is a new folding bicycle that’s just entered the U.S. market. It is sturdily built, small, lightweight and easily folds into a very carryable compact unit. Additionally it’s electric motor makes it more practical for commuter use.

The small size and light weight suits this bicycle to a range of uses. It can be tossed in the trunk, carried as luggage (verify with airlines before taking it to the airport), taken on board a train or bus, and so on. The folding mechanism is very simple, one simply loosens a knob, break down the seat and steering tubes, and then retighten the knob. While folded down the steering tube becomes a carrying handle, and it also comes with a shoulder strap and carrying case. The VeloMini can easily facilitate a “multi-modal” commute in which you ride the bicycle to the station, carry it on-board, and at the other end ride to your destination.

Riding the VeloMini is very simple, everything works just like a full size bicycle. It is an electric bicycle but that fact is sometimes easy to forget. The control system is what’s called “pedal assist” (or pedelec) where it senses that you are pedaling and powers the motor to match. This means you hop on the bike and start pedaling just like any bicycle, but after a few turns of the cranks the motor kicks in with a faint whir, amplifying your speed. If you like there is a throttle enabling one to go even faster. It very easily gave what felt like the rated top speed of 12 miles/hr.

The motor is a relatively modest 180 watts but the bike has power beyond what that rating implies. While just pedaling the motor feels strong and quickly takes you up to full speed, and twisting the throttle adds a fair bit more. It’s possible to ride at a comfortable speed just with the motor at full throttle. While the motor feels powerful it is not a speed demon bicycle. While the default mode for the VeloMini is pedal assist you have freedom to choose your riding style between pedal assist, pedal and throttle, or throttle only. The range you achieve of course depends on how much you pedal.

The pedal assist system does great things for hill climbing. The hill climbing test involved pedaling uphill with no throttle, and it repeatedly climbed the test hill without having to stand on the pedals, without having to twist the throttle, with very little extra effort, and with very little loss in speed. This is an impressive performance that surpasses some full size electric bicycles. While the hill climbing test was on a short hill the bike behaved as if it would have kept on climbing up a long hill.

Another test was to keep the throttle at full power for a long distance and see if the motor became hot. This test demonstrates whether the bike can keep up with demanding riding, and at no time did the motor become hot.

A more practical test is to compare travel time riding the bicycle to riding a bus along a similar route. For one route, in San Francisco, the bus takes 30 minutes (or more) and during commute hours is jam-packed. The bicycle ride took 15 minutes, facilitated by the bicycle lane along the Embarcadero. On another test route in Mountain View the bus ride is faster due to the lesser traffic density (suburbs rather than city).

The ride to San Francisco also served as a range test. That day included a mile ride to the train station, a three mile ride in San Francisco, a return three mile ride in San Francisco, and a couple miles upon returning home. The bike was still going strong after that 8 miles or so of riding with only a hint of the battery charge running low, fitting well with the distributor claim of an 8-12 mile range. The charger is very small, easy to carry in a backpack, and one could easily plug in the bike everywhere one goes.

The build quality is excellent and the bike feels very sturdy while riding it. It feels like a bike you could ride for years. The wheels of course are on the small side but it rides like a normal size bicycle. The brakes are a normal V-brake in the front and a drum brake in the rear, and work very well with excellent stopping power. The only negative consideration is the default seat. It is a normal standard seat that may be too small for some people, but by being a standard seat it is easy to get a more comfortable seat at the bicycle shop.

The VeloMini has been on the market for about a month and carries a price tag of $1095. A dealer network is being built, check their website for more details.

VeloMini Specs:

  • Weight: 33 lbs 1 speed, 36lbs 3 speed
  • Gears: 1 Speed or 3 speed
  • Folding: 18″ high
  • Motor: 180 watt Brushless Hub Motor
  • Battery: 24v, 6AH Lithium-ion or 24v 9 AH
  • Range: 7-12 Miles
  • Max Weight: 230 lbs
  • Top Speed: 12 mph
  • No License, Registration, Required
  • Charging: Under 3 hrs
  • Includes: Case, Carry Strap, Charger, Tool Kit, Manual