EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter


The EcoReco scooter is lightweight, foldable and compact. It can be taken with you wherever: stored easily under an office desk, in a gym locker, under a coffee shop chair, by your feet on a commuter train or in your trunk. The M3 has front suspension.

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Personal transportation makes more sense for many occasions in your daily life. While a gasoline-fueled car can only move you 5-6 miles on $1 of gasoline, you can travel more than 500 miles with that same dollar on an EcoReco scooter.

The EcoReco scooter rides at a perfect pace for you to enjoy and interact with the surroundings, effortlessly. It brings fun to your daily commutes and livens up your weekend trips to parks and beaches. Its unique style is sure to turn heads and breaks the ice.

EcoReco M3 Electric Scooter:

Frame: Scooter
Frame Style: Electric Push Scooter
Net Weight: 36 lb (16.3kg)
Drive: One Speed
Motor: 250W Brushless DC Hub Motor
Throttle: Thumb Throttle
Voltage: 36V, 8ah
Battery: Lithium Ion
Removable Battery: Replacable
Forks: Dual Suspension
Wheels: 6″ x 2″
Tires: Solid
Front Brake: None
Rear Brake: Expansion
Seat: None
Range (w/out pedaling): 15-20 miles
Top Speed (w/out pedaling) 20 mph
Max Weight: 250 lbs
Accessories: LCD display
Manufacturer’s Warranty: One year warranty limited warranty


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