Yuneec E-GO Electric Skateboard


E-GO Cruiser is an electric skateboard coming with wireless remote controller, 240V/110V battery charger with localized electric plug, truck tool and owners manual.

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Product Description

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The E-GO electric skateboard has has been designed using eight layers of Canadian Maple with one layer being orange to provide an attractive line in the center along the edge of the deck. The top side is covered in a one piece black grip tape. The underside has carbon fiber for additional strength and good looks. The patented flexible battery casing is mounted to the underside of the deck with a rubber seal. Wheels are 3.54″ x 2″ and Polyurethane.

The E-Go is powered by a 400 W motor. Hidden between the motor and the Battery is E-GO Electronic Control Unit. It was designed to be robust and reliable, and its function is to communicate with the wireless controller, battery and motor to provide the optimum performance. E-GO battery uses the latest technology. The USB outlet enables you to recharge the wireless controller with ease. The charger will recharge a battery in 3 to 5 hours providing a range of up to 19 miles.

E-GO’s wireless controllers are the ignition key and the dashboard for the Cruiser. Intuitive and easy to use, simply slide to accelerate and slide backwards past neutral to slow down to a stop. With side switches for hi/lo speed and riding style. Don’t be surprised at the looks from people as they wonder how you are in control of your E-GO. It has an auto sync lock system, informative LED’s, speed velocity control and even a flashlight.

The Cruiser wheels are manufactured from Polyurethane using superior materials. They provide a comfortable ride even when riding over uneven surfaces or encountering small stones that could stop a regular board. For the technically minded, they are 90×52 mm, orange 804C with a hardness rating of SHR83AA, an 80 elastic rebound and Abec 9 bearings. – See more at:

EcoReco M3 Electric Scooter:

Net Weight: 13.90 lb (6.3kg)
Frame: 3′ x 1′ x 1/2
Frame Style: Electric Skateboard
Frame Size: 37.79 inches
Drive: One Speed
Motor: 400 W
Throttle: Yes
Voltage: 30V, 7.8ah
Battery: Lithium Ion
Removable Battery: No
Forks: No
Wheels: No
Tires: Polyurethane are 90 x 52 mm, orange 804C
Front Brake: Electronic
Rear Brake: Electronic
Seat: None
Range (w/out pedaling): Up to 19 miles
Top Speed (w/out pedaling) 12 mph
Max Weight: 200 lbs
Accessories: Remote controller, flashlight, USB charger
Manufacturer’s Warranty: One year or 621 miles


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