2 thoughts on “VeloMini Is Green

  1. pipster2121

    Hi Ivo,

    Me desculpe, não enviamos para o Brasil. Eu estou procurando um traficante lá, porque eu tive tantas indagações do Brasil. Eu vou manter suas informações em arquivo, se encontrar uma solução. A bateria é de USD $ 225 ou $ 300. -Marie

  2. pipster2121

    Hi Debra,
    Hi Debra,

    The 1 speed is $995, the 3 speed is $1195. You save 99%of gas money/mile. There’s no license, registration or insurance and never any parking fees. Customers put it in the trunk of their car to avoid expensive parking. And of course, it’s a powerful solution in terms of greenhouse gas only 1% of GHG’s (from electricity generation) compared to a regular combustion car. The VeloMini Electric Bikes is the most compact and lightweight electric bike providing maximum flexibility and practicality of bringing it and storing it anywhere: train, subway, trunk of a car of under your desk. You never need a bike rack. Feel free to call us (408)850-8191.–Marie

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